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The GIAC Software Security GPYC certifications cover areas needed to execute and measures, which includes:
GIAC Python Coder exam is made for IT experts who have decided to works on the implementation of like a .

Vendor GIAC
Exam Code GPYC
Full Exam Name GIAC Python Coder
Certification Name GIAC Software Security

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Latest GIAC GPYC Exam Questions and Answers:

Version: 7.0
Question: 1

Which of the following will be the value of the variable y?
>>> x = {'a': [1,2, [3,4] ], 'b':[ [5,6] , 7] }
>>> y = x [ 'b' ] [0] [1]
A. 7
B. y has no value. The following error occurred: IndexError: list index out of range
C. 6
D. y has no value. The following error occurred: KeyError: 'b'
Answer: B 
Question: 2

What are the contents of the variable x when the following is executed in a Python interactive
x = "So you want a GIAC Certification?''
x. split () [0] [1]
print (x)
A. 'So'
B. 'So you'
C. 'So you want a GIAC Certification?'
D. 'So', 'you’
Answer: A 
Question: 3

Which of the following commands would correct the error in the screenshot?
A. import itertools
B. modulus itertools
C. return itertools
D. define itertools
Answer: A 
Question: 4

A user enters unexpected data into a program. Which functionality can the programmer use to
present an understandable error message to the user?
A. Casting
B. Exception handling
C. Dictionaries
D. Regular expressions
Answer: B 
Question: 5

A programmer attempts to run the Python program as follows, but an error occurs. What is
the cause of this error?
A. is missing the line #!/usr/bin/python
B. smtp_mime was replaced with Python
C. Python cannot find the script "hello"
D. is improperly encoded with UTF-16le
Answer: A